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Such a beautiful assets! Fit my project perfectly! Looking forward to see more of your work mate

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Thank you :D The pack is updated and more assets been added,

wow thanks for info. 

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NO. Why do you want to sell my asset? I'll just put a price tag on my pack then.

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I really like your art style. Just the type of asset i needed. Can i use this for my game jam ?

Sure. Use it anyway you want it. Thanks.

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Impressive and beautiful. Out of curiosity: this is vector art, right? You used Illustrator or Inkscape (or other)? Just curious.

Thanks for sharing such great art. 

i used Clip Studio Paint for all my art, it's cheaper than any Adobe software. Asset is mixed with vector and pixel. Thank you and I hope you create something great with it. 

Thanks for answering. You're very talented. I'll keep you posted about how i used your assets. 


Is your logo available to add for credit purposes?

Not needed. Sorry for the late reply, didn't received any notification on my email.


I am a student. can i use your asset in my game that i will publish on google play..

Hello, apologies for the late reply. Didn't receive any notifications. Yes you can use it for your commercial game. Perhaps you can donate if you find success on your game :)

I'll if i get success  in my game Thanks :)

Wow this assets are great! Thank you very much ^^



Great can i use this in my game for commercial use or only for free

You can use it to your game, paid or free. Just credit me or my asset pack if you use it. In case you got so much success from your game, maybe you can just donate so I could create more assets. But I'm not forcing you or anyone, so feel free to use it. Thank you.

Yes if i have success i will give you some donation,but i will put credits end of game and link to your assets...