First asset for downloads

My first time to sell or distribute my assets outside of the studio. I have been unemployed for a very long time, my last studio I worked for closed down because of a massive protest down in their country. This assets are my personal collection and it was intended for a game idea I had that never come to fruition.  So I decided to sell it. I can't give it away for free as I don't have a stable and steady income.

Of course I would love to share assets especially to game devs who can't afford to hire an artist. But creating art is a lot of hard work. Everything is not free on my end, I pay electricity, rent and food to create art. I'm eager to have a success project and by doing that is to do more art and shared them.


2d Forest 21 MB
May 23, 2019

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Free Use?

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Yes. No restriction. Just don't redistribute or repack and resold.